Monday, April 28, 2014

Hands On Exploration in the Toddler Class

Outside in the Sun:

Climbing, building, in the sun activities!

Classroom Focus this week:

We practiced writing letters, familiar words and names. Some children enjoyed using the dot method to connect letters, while others liked to write free hand. 

We also talked about amphibians this week. We discussed what an amphibian is, and created a sensory table based on what we learned.

Earth Day:

We celebrated Earth Day talking about what we can do to keep our planet healthy. We made Earth Day necklaces! This was a great way to exercise our fine motor skills! 

Magnetic Attraction:

We used magnetic wands and pipe cleaners to explore magnetic attraction. The children loved making "crazy hair" with this activity. We talked about magnetic force, push and pull, steal and metal.


We started to make a graph from information about our caterpillars. First, we started by counting how many caterpillars, chrysalises and butterflies we had. Second, we used colors to represent each stage and graphed each one. We used the words: graph, columns, color representation and total. This was a challenging activity for most children so we will continue graphing into next week as well. 

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