Friday, April 25, 2014

"It's feels sweaty and wet...."

Our sensory material this week was a classic material for preschool.  Some call it ooblek, goo, goop, or putty.  Whichever name you prefer, the ingredients are still the same. 

Pour 1 part liquid starch into a bowl (or on a table) and add 2 parts glue.  If it seems too sticky you can add another little pour of liquid starch.  We have had a blast this week playing with our goo.  We've stretched it, snapped it, pinched it, cut it, and even gotten a little in our hair (oops!)

In their own words, this is what Prek said about the ooblek.

"Rubbery tires feeling"

"You can make it into a bow-- and into a ball"

"It's cold"

"It's feels sweaty and wet"

Also, here is our redesigned block shelf.  By moving the blocks from a jumble in a basket to being highly visible on the shelf we've had some fantastic vertical structures this week. 

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