Butterfly life cycle:
We finished the butterfly life cycle this week. Here we are creating stage four (butterflies.) We paired this lesson with a short lesson on symmetry as well. We talked about "mirror imaging."The kids practiced folding paper in half to create a print or using sponges to stamp. 

Outside activities:
Waterrrrrr fighhhhhht! .... Shaving cream station! The kids loved taking the shaving cream and easel outdoors. This allowed for a new type of sensory experience. 

Board games:
Once Around the Castle and Hot Dogs for Lunch were the two games our class focused on this week. These board games helped us practice counting, color and image recognition, taking turns, cooperation, and how to accept rewards and consequences. 

Butterfly life cycle in real form! 
(Pictures from left to right) 
Eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises, butterflies.

Look at our neon eggs! We had a blast coloring eggs and mixing colors.