Friday, April 4, 2014

Tadpoles, caterpillars, and growing things

April has brought us a beautifully rainy week and it's a great introduction to growing and life cycles.  After all, plants need rain and sun in order to grow but what does a tadpole need?  Or a caterpillar?  Well PreK is learning about these life cycles and can tell you about it.  Here is our observation area to watch and wait for metamorphosis.  

Other fun things in PreK this week...flaxseed is great for our health plus it makes an amazing sensory experience!  I don't typically use food items for play and art but this sensory idea was too cool to pass up.  The beginning of the week I kept the flaxseed dry and the students enjoyed burying their hands and pouring the seeds.  Then they added water and it got really messy and fun.  The result is a gelatinous substance around the seed, it's sticky and can be molded in hands or in a cup.  Yet when you rub your hand over it smoothly it feels like snake skin.  Very unique texture that some kids loved and others steered clear from.  

We found success with a new game about matching beginning sounds and letters.  Inside each egg was a toy or item for the students to identify.  Next they matched the item with the correct magnet letter.  

On an end note, here are a few pictures of PreK at play.

Stay tuned for next week to see our investigation of gardens and to check on our creature life cycle development!

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