Friday, April 18, 2014

We're back!

Greetings from PreK and apologies for no posts in the last week.  Things are busy, busy, busy in the classroom and I was away from school one day for some professional development, but we are back on schedule and learning so much science this month!  Check out our pet snail who we observed for the week.  

We added the snail to our collection of creatures (tadpoles, caterpillars, and even chickens one day!)  The class is immersed in the life cycle process as we observe, record, and predict how our pets will grow and change.  We've learned new vocabulary like eye stalks, horns, chrysalis, and metamorphosis.  After part of our discussion about the chrysalis, some students formed their own out in the play yard.  

Not only did a sheet make a great wrap for the kids but it also served as a shade structure and a hammock!

With such beautiful spring weather we have been enjoying extra time outside in the mornings.  This added time to explore the play yard has yielded some inventive twists on our regular toys.  See how the students created an elevated component to the balance beam?  Fantastic for balance and coordination not to mention the team work and language skills developed as the students figured out how to tilt the beam and where to place the ends in order to make it most stable.  They cheered each other on (development of social skills) and fixed the beam if it moved (engineering and geometry concepts.)  

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