Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Clay Play

I put out two trays of clay for the children to explore, along with bowls of water and wooden tools.  Clay is so different from play dough.  It smells earthy, the texture is silky and it's very dense.  Manipulating the clay required lots of fine motor strength.  Some of the children were intrigued with this new medium, but once they poked it a few times, decided it was too 'messy' to play with.  'No thank you, Mrs. Dottie' was uttered a few times.  Other students slathered the clay up their arms, enjoying the cool, wet texture.  The clean up was almost as fun as the sensory experience, with children using the sponges to sluice the clay off their arms and hands.  

Tapping golf tees into dense foam is a favorite activity.

Outside play is exciting!

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