Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun in the Toddler Room

Puzzle works: 
Puzzles are such a fantastic way to practice conversation and team work with each other. The toddlers did a great job encouraging each other and building each other's self confidence by completing these advanced puzzles together.

Mother's Day! Flower power!!!... We colored coffee filters and created "scrunch" flowers. We added beans for soil and green construction paper for leaves.

Butterfly Release:  
We took a short walk across the street to the community garden park and watched our butterflies find their way in their natural environment. 

Velcro hoop and balls:
The toddlers seemed to enjoy this outside activity a lot! I took a hula hoop, waffle balls, velcro and felt and created a target to throw the velcro balls at. This was an activity that practiced gross motor skills. We also talked about distance, underhand and overhand throwing. 

Inside activities:
We have been focusing on writing letters on salt trays. We also did an ice sensory activity to help us stay cool in the heat. 

Circle builders: 
Instead of stacking, we interlocked the legs to create different types of designs.

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