Friday, May 2, 2014

PreK This Week

The heat this week didn't slow down PreK one bit.  In fact we've had a blast keeping cool with lots of water play and staying busy inside the classroom with a few new areas to work.  If you have never played with a light table then you're really missing out and I invite you to step into the room soon so you can try it too.

The first week I had it available with color paddles and plastic kaleidoscope toys.  This was a time for experimenting with color and light.  After that I switched the items on the table to plastic eggs and colored chips for counting.  This week we've been building on it with our translucent Wedgits (

When I put out fabric scraps and scissors, my goal was for the students to practice their cutting skills.  However, they quickly added complexity to the area by asking for a stapler and tape so they could create pockets and finger puppets.  These kids are so cool, crafty, and smart!

Our first still life experience was with fruit in a bowl, this week I introduced a vase and bouquet of flowers in order to continue our study and practice of drawing.  Using the clear jar as a vase was tricky since we can't draw something clear, but I switched it with a bright orange vase and the drawing was more manageable.  I will be displaying the finished masterpieces on our bulletin board soon.  Please stop by and see them!

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