Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When the weather heats up...

Welcome back to the blog.  Our blog administrator was on a well earned vacation.  I know the staff and I enjoyed our brief hiatus, but we've returned with news and photos of our daily activities.   

Keeping cool at school

When the weather heats up, we look for ways to stay cool, both inside the classroom and outside.  

I put a block of ice in our sensory tray, to cool our hands and to provide an opportunity for the children to observe the physical changes as it melted.  We sprinkled salt on the ice and listened to the tinkling and cracking.  I provided cups of colored water and eye droppers so the children could drip water on the ice to better observe the cracks and crevices formed in the block of ice.  Lastly, I poured hot water over the ice to accelerate the melting.  

We dipped our feet in our water filled stepping stones and used spray bottles to spray each other (with our classmate's and teacher's permission)!

But...our favorite way to cool down is definitely with Otter Pops!

I brought the ramps and tubes back to the classroom.  The children were more thoughtful in the design and construction of their pathways than when I first introduced them a few months ago.  Again, I'm so grateful for this generous Giving Tree gift to the Center 

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