Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Doctor is in

The children enjoyed the doctor and vet office dramatic play opportunity in the classroom.  There were stethoscopes, bandages, syringes, lab coats, clip boards and patient files, and x rays at the light table.  They treated each other with great care, bandaging many broken bones and I received enough injections to last a life time.  At clean up time they rolled the bandages with increasing competence. One of the favorite activities that accompanied this mini unit was putting band aids on paper doll figures.  

We're re-reading some of our favorite books from the year.  Chalk, by Bill Thomson is a favorite.  I paired this literature with a chalk drawing activity.  The children learned that spraying their paper with water before using chalk intensifies the colors.  Mastering the spray bottle required both finger strength and persistence.

Bubble wands are good for....

...blowing bubbles

...and for framing cute faces.

Girls just want to have fun!

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