Friday, September 26, 2014

Amazing Ants!

We are anticipating the arrival of the ants for our class ant farm.  In the meantime, we have read "Are You An Ant?"  and "The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in the Pants" to fill us with facts and information about these cool creatures.  (Although pesky too as I have been finding them marching through my kitchen all week.)  We made antennae headbands one day.

We learned the parts of the ants body and how many legs they have. 

Our math unit this week was sorting and counting.  

Play dough was used to practice rolling snakes and forming the letters of our name.

Outside the students washed cars and filled up gas tanks.

They also made up stories for their Potato Head characters.

We had lots of fun in Monday's class as we sang and danced through our first music session.  Next week, Tuesday's class will have the chance to participate as well.  Check back again for pics from our day.

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