Monday, September 22, 2014

B is for ...

This week we continued to focus on counting and colors. In addition, we introduced the letter and sound "b". We had blue water, boats, buttons, balls in our sensory tables. We also created a blue collage out of scraps of paper and pom poms. We discussed common "b" words such as bugs, ball, bunny. In addition, we started to learn the wonderful song Baby Beluga. 

We also created some incredible art with shaving cream, eye droppers, food coloring and paper. This activity helped us practice our fine motor skills. When creating this art we also talked about colors and mixing. 

Other activities this week were buttons, an animal dollhouse, domino and counting games.

The following week we will continue with the letter "b" and move onto the letter "c" We will also be discussing clouds and weather.
This week our outside time was spent  all  jumping, kicking and water exploration. We also had the opportunity to dress up and create giant box forts in the courtyard. 

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