Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not A Box...

Play dough

We practiced our scissors skills by first cutting play dough coils.  Check out the concentration on the children's faces!

Lots of boxes

Our class, like Mrs. Lindsay's class, read the story Not a Box.  The children loved the open ended play opportunities that a Courtyard full of boxes provided.  

Bee hive, two ways

I snagged one of the Courtyard boxes for our classroom.  The children painted the box to resemble a bee keeper's hive.  I also introduced the children to paper mache.  They layered newspaper strips dipped in liquid starch over an inflated balloon.  We let the balloon dry and harden, then painted it to look like a hive that many bees would construct.  


I had to include this last shot....our firefighters, adorned in sparkly beads, help each other fasten their helmets before doing the important work of putting out a fire!

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