Friday, October 10, 2014

Amazing Ants

Finally our ants have arrived!  It was probably a long, hot trip for these Harvester ants to get to preschool but they seem to be thriving in their new habitat.  We have been entymologists this week, obersving and drawing pictures of the ants in their farm.  I'm also documenting the growth of their tunnel buildings daily and I'm excited to share the results with the class after a week.  We've been discussing how the ants must use TEAMWORK and COOPERATION to build their tunnels.  

The students have used teamwork, cooperation, and sharing as they put on puppet shows for their friends and ride bikes around the courtyard to "put out fires."  (Yes, firefighters and fire safety is another theme of this month so you may hear a lot about fires in the coming school days.)

I've been encouraging the class to enjoy splashing and spraying water on the "fires" but also sharing water with our plants and garden boxes.  Thanks to their diligent watering, our orange tree and pea plants are fairing quite well.

And here's a peak inside the classroom where we are writing letters, practicing cutting, and building with magnetic connectors.  

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