Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Colors all Around

I've been reading color themed books to the class (Brown Bear, The Blue Footed Booby, Seven Blind Mice and Little Blue and Little Yellow).  I brought in our rainbow colored blocks and the children stacked them tall, created walls for our counting bears and unifix cubes,and knocked down towers. They also enjoyed using our construction vehicles to scatter the blocks hither and yon.  

The most popular activity last week was inspired by the Little Blue and Little Yellow story.  It's a story about friendship, but also about color mixing.  I provided a big vase of water and floated shaving cream clouds on the surface of the water.  The children happily squeezed yellow and blue raindrops on the clouds, then observed the different shades of green that developed under the clouds.

Sometimes the children need lots of 'personal space' during their play.  Yet other times of the morning, they happily share a confined space. 

 I had to chuckle when I saw this picture of the children on the student perfectly exemplified the title of the book they were looking at!


Contrary to scientific fact, dinosaurs are not extinct at preschool, and can be found feeding on the heavenly bamboo in the Courtyard

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