Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Go Kids, Go!


This week was all about bikes in the courtyard.   The children loved pedaling from one end of the courtyard to the other.  They have become adept at avoiding traffic jams and are heading my instructions to  'Go around obstacles'!  When the inevitable tangle occurs, they are learning how to extricate themselves with a little guidance and less frustration!  

Water Beads

Mrs. Lindsay gave me some water beads to put in our sensory tray.  The children loved the texture and bounce of this material and enjoyed scooping them up and watching them slide through their fingers.  Later in the week I added small tongs and encouraged the children to transfer the beads from one container to another. Squishing them was also very satisfying. 

Puppet Show  

The children love dramatic play and relished the opportunity to put on shows for an audience.  The shows consisted of lots of giggling and changing roles.  The 'bug' puppets were very popular and collected lots of nectar and pollen from the plants and flowers in the courtyard.  

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