Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mumbo, Jumbo Spiders!

Occasionally, the children spy a spider outside or in the classroom.  As with bees, I want them to be respectful, but not fearful when they encounter them. So, we did a quick unit on spiders. The children were impressed with the 'fun fact' that they have so many eyes, may be covered with fur and spin webs with spinnerets.   I offered a spider web activity that proved quite popular.  The children paired up to create spider webs by rolling a golf ball back and forth through paint blobs in a small container.  They had to work together to maneuver the golf ball to create dazzling webs.  

Fire Engine, preschool style

Some budding firefighters constructed an engine out of our big shape blocks!

Balancing Act

Bead Strings

A good book, a big pillow.....

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