Friday, October 3, 2014

Sharing and Working Together in PreK

This week PreK has been really learning how to work together in shared play spaces.  It can be tough having to share materials, time with friends, and physical space, but as children grow they develop skills needed to cooperate and share these things.  

Sometimes it means we must wait for our turn with a toy.  Other times it means using appropriate language to ask for a toy or ask another student to "please give me some space."  While other times the children just want to wrestle and dog pile and it doesn't bother them to have another body so close.  :)  It makes for some fun dramatic play scenes like this one….

One student called the toys in the water table "baguettes" and they all hurried to scoop up the items then transfer them to the wood bench to sell, all the time yelling out, "Baguettes! Baguettes for sale! Hurry, get your baguettes!"

We love using shaving cream as a sensory material to swipe, slide, scribble, and scrape in.  Here again, there is sharing of tools and space as children swipe cream from around the entire table to their own area.  

And sometimes, a little team work between two students is just enough to get the job done. 

Look close and you'll see that preschool is a perfect balance of learning and play.

But at the end of the day, we're all a little tired and just need time to rest up and so we can do it all again tomorrow.

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