Monday, November 3, 2014

End of October in the Toddler Room

This week we focused on letter recognition and counting. We practiced using the words more and less when discussing patterns and numbers. During circle time we sang our "leaves are falling" song and "way up high in the apple tree" song to celebrate fall.

This week we had a pretend grocery store that allowed the children to communicate about food and money. We worked on taking turns, using polite words and being patient during this activity as well. In addition, we spoke a lot about babies and how to help baby brothers and sisters. This was well played out and demonstrated by children feeding the babies, rocking them and singing songs to them. I even noticed some children role playing and pretending one was the Mother and the other being the baby. 

I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween! For Halloween we got to decorate paper pumpkins with glue, glitter and pom poms. This activity was also about following two step directions; glue first, then glitter. We discussed using the glue as a foundation and explored what would happen to the items if we didn't use glue first.

Outside there were costumes, an obstacle course and colored bears. We also enjoyed jumping off the wall and trying to land on both feet. 

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