Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Mrs. Ronda brought in gigantic acorns from her oak tree.  The children have been counting them, sorting them and examining them with a magnifying glass.  One morning we discovered something new on the looked like short white worms.  After investigation, I discovered that we had acorn larvae. They were wiggly and tried to escape their space, so an enterprising student covered them with acorn caps.  Problem solved! 

Candy corn patterns

We used our unifix cubes to match and extend a candy corn repeating pattern. The children chanted, white, orange, yellow, white, orange, yellow as they constructed their towers. 

Connect Four

The children don't understand the strategy of this game, but they love dropping the tokens in the slots, dumping them out, and starting all over.

Dinosaurs, blocks and tree stumps

This dramatic play area was a hit with many of the children.  There was stomping, roaring and balancing fun.

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