Friday, November 14, 2014

Kernel, Cob, Husk, Stalk…

This week we learned about the life cycle of corn and we observed the variety of color on a cob of Indian corn.  Many of the students commented that they saw corn when they picked pumpkins over Halloween but this week we looked at it up close with a magnifying glass.  Then we used q-tips to paint dots and make our own unique ear of corn.  Colors mixed and mingled and everyone enjoyed their creations.

Bikes for zooming, vrooming, and racing were available this week.

Let's build a farm, an airport, and house, a city…students worked well with their friends to build with Duplo blocks.  I"m so proud of the language they are using, things like, "Can I please have that?" and "You can have it when I'm all done."  

And other fine motor finger work like peeling stickers, coloring with crayons, and drawing with chalk.  All in a day's work for PreK!

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