Monday, November 17, 2014

Little Fingers

This week we focused on fine motor skills. We got out our snap blocks and practiced using our strong hands and fingers to make cars, rocket ships, boats and trains. We also practiced using our snap boards, button boards and zipper boards during circle time. This activity was a little tough for some of our toddlers, but we will continue to work on this for the month of November. 

One of our sensory activities this week was called Egg Shaker Matching Game. I put a series of eggs into a water table. Some had beans and beads for noise, and some had colored dinosaurs inside. The toddlers used their hands to pull the egg a part to find the treasure inside. Then they matched the color dinosaur with the same colored bowl. This activity encouraged a lot of vocabulary words such as : more, less, blue, green, red, yellow, same. We also talked about what it means to "predict or guess" what color  would come next. This activity exercised our fine motor skills, cognitive development. 

Here we are practicing using our pincer fingers with the medicine droppers. This fine motor skill was used as we created our "turkeys" for thanksgiving. 

Outside this week we used pegs to create giant sky scrappers and used tongs to pick up oak leaves in the sensory table. 

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