Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Preschool Restaurant

We had a restaurant in the classroom. Children and teachers ordered food and beverages at the window, while more children 'cooked' in the kitchen and others worked the registers.  We were treated to lots of hot cocoa and coffee with honey, pizza and fruit, and chicken and pasta.  Order taking was a popular role, but using the cash register, especially swiping credit cards, was the favorite job at our restaurant.

Counting Fun

We play games in the classroom to build social skills and to learn how to play well with peers.  This week, the children enjoyed playing a counting game with me.  In addition to the social skill building, they also practiced counting, matching, one-to-one correspondence and number recognition.

Kids on Bikes

The children love riding through the courtyard.  They ride fast and with surprising control.  The 'big' bikes are quite popular, so the children have to take turns.  When one student was asked for a turn, she replied, 'let's both ride' and they did!  Then, another student asked to join them, and we had three students on the bike...and that is the maximum occupancy of a tricycle at Grandmother's House!  

How to construct a 'Narrow Gorge'

Before the students and I enter the classroom from exuberant Courtyard Play, it helps to reign in their energy by creating a short obstacle course (a narrow gorge) that requires focused attention.  I had taken on the responsibility of construction, but when a student asked if she could do it, I said 'of course'!  

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