Friday, November 7, 2014

Stripes galore!

This week we read about stripes in nature…stripes on animals and stripes on plants.  Then I invited the students to paint their own set of stripes (with the colors of their choosing) as long as they tried going from left to right.  This tracking from left to right helps children get used to writing and reading which follows the left to right direction.  The activity was extended by cutting our striped paintings and gluing a beautiful collage of strips of stripes on black paper.  

Since we were practicing lines and stripes we needed to mix it up by going around and around.  Enter the rotating tray (also known as a Lazy Susan.)  This activity requires a good deal of dexterity to hold the marker while spinning the tray or teamwork if you can find a friend to spin for you.  

Brilliant building happens with our straw builders.  Houses, umbrellas, picture frames, helicopters and more!

Inside and outside play is also work for your child because every experience your child has at preschool is an opportunity to test ideas, practice skills, and gain knowledge about the world around them.  Don't we all hope to have work like that?

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