Friday, December 19, 2014

Fa, la, la, la, letters

We are closing the month of Decemeber by learning letters d, g, k, and i.  In the last two months I have observed a great deal of comprehension from students regarding letter recognition, sound, and ability to write upper and lower case.  Here is a sample from the chalkboard where someone practiced our new letters.  

We also did a fun craft to remind us of an especially hard working letter, I i.  Here is Inny Inchworm in a grass habitat.

The most popular spot in the classroom this week was around the bins of Legos.  Students were very focused on creating but they also had to navigate sharing, searching for the right piece, and trial and error if the construction didn't stay together as they wanted.  We also used dry pasta in our sensory bin and had an arctic dramatic play table available.  

Rain will never slow us down so please always provide your child with a coat, boots, or extra clothes when the weather turns cold.  Any rain drops couldn't hamper the fun or grocery shopping and selling lemonade to friends.  They exchanged money, clicked away at the register, and made phone calls.  

Then a new game emerged when a student threw a plastic orange and loved the way it bounced at odd angles.  He chased it down then threw it again, wondering which direction it would bounce next time.  Another friend joined him and it was a two person game!  

A few more smiling faces and happy moments from PreK.  

Happy holidays, see you in 2015!

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