Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Follow the Leader!

The children loved playing in the rain!  There was an obstacle course for the children to follow in the Courtyard and they leaped, balanced and vaulted off the tree stumps.  The stumps were a little wobbly, requiring balance and strength to navigate.

Silly Slides

In the Sandbox Area, Mrs. Ronda put out a couple of slides.  The children challenged each other with new ways to slide and there was a lot of giggling as they landed in surprising positions.

(Not so) Silent Night

During our Music class, Mrs. Danielle sings a quiet lullaby song.  The children lay down to listen, enjoying her beautiful voice.  Soon, they're inching their way closer to each other, eventually becoming a tangle of giddy preschoolers.

I think I can...

One of my students is not a fan of messy sensory play.  I offered her a paint brush to swirl shaving cream around the table.  Soon, she dipped her finger into the cream, and before she knew it, she was up to her elbows in the cool, fragrant cream!

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