Monday, December 15, 2014


Gingerbread house creation!
Here friends are building gingerbread house in celebration of Christmas. We read a felt board story about the gingerbread boy and decided to dedicate our bulletin board this month to the exciting story. 

Cranberry stomping!!!!
Slimy, sticky, cold, crunchy were all great adjectives that the toddlers came up with while stomping the cranberries. We all watched as the water turned red and sparkly. We counted to ten as everyone turns stomping, spinning and jumping inside the cranberry bin. 

Here are some friends decorating gingerbread figures for our bulletin board. The gingerbread story was a great way for us to learn memorization, and talk about a story in terms of beginning, middle and end.

Inside activities: 
We did a lot of creative play and exploration. We had pretend restaurants and kitchens and made each other our favorite food! We talked about breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Play dough art! 
Here a child has made coils and is using the coils to spell the first letter of his name! 

Birthday celebrations!
We celebrated a birthday by having a picnic on the floor and talking about birthday games, food and fun! 

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