Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Say Cheese!

Cloud Dough 

One of our favorite sensory materials is Cloud Dough.  Just add a bit of oil to a bin of flour and you have hours of open-ended fun!  The accessories I added were spoons and mini cupcake tins.  The room does resemble a flour storm after this play, but fortunately for me, Mrs. Ronda and Mrs. Marisa helped sweep up the floor and dust off the children.  

Say Cheese!

Some children shy away from a camera, while others ignore it or offer a grimace.  When I invited a group of children to pose for me, this is what I got.

Hello Rain!

We received some much needed rain last week.  Being preschoolers, we splashed in puddles with our bikes and boots.  


One of my students drew a picture for his mom.  I love the inventive way he formed the letters for mom.

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