Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Doctor is in

In the Dramatic Play area, our preschool cafe became a Doctor/Vet's office before the Thanksgiving Break. The children used clip boards to take patient 'vitals', stethoscopes to listen to heartbeats, syringes to give many injections and bandages to wrap up numerous boo boos.  They viewed x-rays and relished playing the role of healer.  

Sensory Play
Sometimes, the most simple set up for the sensory area results in the most sustained interest.  I filled the sensory bin with soapy water and provided different bottles, some eye dropper and sponges.  The children discussed different ways to fill the bottles and poured, scooped and squeezed for many enjoyable minutes.

The students love playing Zingo, a matching lotto game.  Mrs. Marisa patiently refills the Zingo dispenser again and again.  

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