Friday, December 5, 2014

We're back!

After some vacation time and a long break for Thanksgiving, it's good to be back and hard at work in PreK.  This week was also exciting to finally get some rain!  We had fun jumping in puddles and catching rain with our mouths.  

This week we also wrapped up our unit on Mexico and made corn tortillas for snack.  Not everyone was a fan, some students even warned me that they only like to eat flour tortillas, but feeling the dough and patting it into a circle shape was still fun.

I brought a new sensory activity to the classroom this week, Kinetic Sand from Michaels craft store.  It's very neat as it can be packed hard or it can flow smoothly when poured with hands.

Around the classroom we also experimented with magnets and built with Wedge-Its.  There were many comparisons to towers, skyscrapers, and rocket ships.  

Students are so excited about the holiday season and they are already requesting to sing "Jingle Bells" all day long.  Another favorite of the class is music from the ballet, The Nutcracker.  We used scarves to dance and move with the music.


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