Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Colors of Us

The children love mixing paint colors.  There's something so satisfying in creating new colors and applying them to paper.  There's a wonderful book,Colors of Us by Karen Kat, that I introduced to the children.  Lena, the main character travels through her diverse neighborhood observing the different skin colors of the people she meets.  Her descriptions are delicious...creamy peanut butter, honey, chocolate cupcake, butterscotch, chile powder and cinnamon.  At the conclusion of the story, Lena mixes paint colors to create portraits of the people she encountered.  
I provided the same color pallet to my class. They relished the color mixing and many students named their new colors...pinkish, brownish cupcake, peachish, brownish honey and chile brown.  

All Aboard!

Last week was the third time we had our trains and tracks in the classroom.  The children have become more adept at construction of the tracks and more skilled at taking turns with the trains.  I hear maturing dialogue, respectful negotiations and developing conflict resolution!

Shaving Cream Fun

A can of shaving cream provides oodles of messy, creative fun.

Outside Play with Bikes and Bean Bags
The children expended lots of energy by riding and balancing on our bikes, and by throwing and chasing errant beanbags last week.

Mo's Mustache by Ben Clanton

We love this story!  This is the second time I've checked it out from the library this year and the children 'own' the story.  This is a new book for me this year and I will add it to my favorites.

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