Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Science in the Classroom


The children dove into our Magnetic Connectors last week.  They constructed robots, dragons and long chains.  They decorated our easel paper holder so it resembled a colorful hedgehog.  The children were surprised when they discovered that opposite poles attract and like poles repel.   Sometimes the magnets would almost jump out of their fingers!

Baking Soda and Vinegar

The children mixed up a concoction (water, baking soda and color), then painted their paper from top to bottom and side to side.  Next they used the eye droppers to saturate their paper with vinegar.  Their paintings came alive!  They fizzed, bubbled and foamed!  We sprinkled more baking soda and added more vinegar for a reaction on top of a reaction!  

Courtyard Capers

The children loved playing with cotton ball snow balls, built with our small unit blocks and used our orange cones to collect 'popcorn' for watching a movie!

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