Monday, February 2, 2015

I spy with my little eye...

This week we learned about the days of the week by reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Each day we would practice our days of the week song, read the book and eat the food the caterpillar ate on each particular day. Also, this week we focused on letters and sounds. We talked about the letter Ii and Bb. We found both these letters in books, signs in the classroom and names. 

Outside we practiced a lot of new skills such as catching, tossing and kicking balls. We repeated the words 1, 2, 3, toss. We also built forts, walls and tunnels out of waffle blocks. This activity helped us use the words long and short and use them in comparisons as we built towers. 

The toddlers loved the creature creation table! The pieces were tough at first to connect, but by the end of the week they had learned how to snap the pegs into the grooves. We came up with creative names for each creation and talked about their unique characteristics. 

This next week we will be focusing on building, connecting patterns, long and short. 

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