Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Waffle Block Construction

The children love big construction!  The Waffle Blocks fit together like a puzzle and can become a long sidewalk, cubes to stand on, a spooky tunnel or a house for animals.  The children formulated ideas and used team work to make some pretty spectacular creations.  

Balance Boards
We have some future snow and skate boarders in our midst.  The children were able to spin their boards in circles, rock back and forth and flip them upside down to become bridges...a popular open ended preschool toy!

Wiki Wonderful
The waxy Wiki Stix are a popular manipulative material.  The first few experiences with the Wiki Stix resulted in tight, waxy balls.  Then the children pried the Stix apart and proceeded to do it all over again.  This time, a few of the children used the Stix to form an octopus, a spider web and some letters.  One enterprising student formed a pair of glasses, but I was not quick enough with my camera to record the moment.

Music with Miss Danielle
The children loved dancing with scarves to Katy Perry's Fireworks song.  They are familiar with the music and enjoyed throwing the scarves in the air and attempting to catch them.

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