Monday, March 9, 2015

Dr. Seuss Fun!

This week we talked about the letter "t". We found "t" objects in our room: telephone, truck, tiger, table... We practiced writing the letter t and drawing lines on the mirror and in salt. 

For Dr. Seuss's birthday we celebrated by creating Dr Seuss hats. We used the colors red and white. Some friends created a red and white alternating pattern, while others enjoyed gluing and making their own beautiful art. 

Jumping Beans!

The toddlers have been practicing high and long jumps! 

Balloon time:

Since Dr. Seuss's birthday the toddlers have taken an interest in balloons, so we blew up six balloons and experimented with how they moved. We also played several games and put them in water to see what would happen. 

Mouse Paint:

We have been learning about color recognition and patterns. We read the book Mouse Paint and learned how the primary colors make other colors as well. We got to experiment on our own with paint and shaving cream. 

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