Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dramatic Play Grocery Store

Mrs. Ronda created a preschool grocery store in the Courtyard.  The children enjoyed all aspects of this dramatic play set up.  They filled their shopping bags with boxes of food and lots of fruits and vegetables.  They carried around enough cash to pay for their purchases at the cash register check out stand. Midway through the week, she added the shopping carts, adding another element to their play.  

The Three Amigos

This group of boys examined these books with great interest and had a lively discussion about the pictures they saw.

Kinetic Sand, Puzzles and Lining Objects Up

The children's ability to sustain focused attention on varied tasks is maturing.  With support, they are able to complete more complex puzzles, create and extend patterns and manipulate the sensory material, strengthening fingers, hands and wrists.  

Trains and Blocks

Train play and block construction remains popular with our class.

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