Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The children constructed wonderful towers, gas stations and vehicle trains with the Duplos. We have hundreds of blocks, so there was enough material for the children to build to their heart's content.  


Pipettes and Eye Droppers.  

We've been squeezing colored water with pipettes and eye droppers.  The children are strengthening their fingers and hands for drawing and writing. They added color to shaving cream clouds and attempted to melt a block of ice using these tools.  We sprinkled salt on our ice to speed up the melting. Amazingly (for our class) the room got quiet enough to hear the tinkling and crackling of the ice as it melted.   

Alphabet Art

The children love glue projects.  They usually take days to dry because there is something so satisfying in emptying out the bottles.  For this activity I guided the children to do 'careful' work and encouraged them to control the amount of glue applied to the paper.  The results were pretty impressive....recognizable paper scrap letters! 

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