Friday, March 20, 2015

I can do it too!

I captured a neat moment in Prek when a few students tried something new, jumping on the slanted portion of a climbing wall.  After one person mastered the skill then they all took turns jumping.  We learn new skills by watching others and attempting them on our own.  

What could be fun about a sheet?  Turns out there are may ways that a simple sheet can transform for a child.  Ours were tied around the climbing structure making hammocks, swings, cocoons, and nests.  

A new approach to writing practice and fine motor movements can happen with a tray and a little salt.  These trays were available this week with a paintbrush tool then a toothpick and craft stick for tools.  Students wrote letters in the salt, created pictures, and made elaborate swirls.  All of which can be quickly erased with a gentle shake of the tray.

Cutting food this week had students sorting pieces, matching halves of food, then cutting through the velcro attachment pieces again.  There is something so satisfying to students about "slicing" through the plastic foods and then returning the halves to whole again.

Last of all, thank you to everyone that participated in our school fundraiser and raffle.  We appreciate all the work and donations from the GHCC families as well as their extended families and friends who purchased tickets.  

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