Monday, March 23, 2015

Ten Dots!

This week we read the story 10 Dots. We focused our circle time and classroom activities around this book and its counting theme. We used the words: more, less, add, subtract, stay the same and different.  As our knowledge about circles and numbers grew so did the challenges and tasks we tried to complete. 

Salt funnel activity:
We set up tubes, funnels and salt in the classroom and watched how the toddlers experimented with the activity. Some put cups on the bottom of the tube and watched the tube and funnel over flow, while others were more interested in having races with whos salt would reach the bottom fastest. 

Ladder builders:
This week I wanted to experiment with how the children would use the ladder builders at the table instead of the carpet. Lots of friends spent time on making super tall ladders, while some really wanted to focus on color assortment. 

Buttons and strings:
We practiced our fine motor skills this week while stringing buttons onto a skinny shoe lace. All the toddlers were successful at this task! This activity was inspired after reading Pete and the Four Groovy Buttons. 

Grocery Store:
Outside we had a pretend grocery store. Toddlers were able to go "grocery shopping" with baskets and pretend money.

I think I can.. I think I can...
The slides and the trucks were very popular this week! ..Great team work everyone!!!

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