Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We had a Seussical Week!

The children COULD NOT WAIT to wear pajamas to school in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  We spoke in rhymes, read many Seuss stories, made the Yinks' favorite pink ink drink (strawberry smoothies) and made Cat in the Hat headbands.  

Go Wheelies on the Loose

We love Go wheelies!  The children careen through the Courtyard, barely avoiding obstacles.  A few students attempted navigating two at the same time.  Not so easy, but a ton of fun anyway.


Hermie the Worm

Sitting on a fence post
Chewing my bubble gum, chomp chomp, chomp chomp.
Playing with my Yo-Yo, woo woo
When Along came Hermie the worm
And he was this big (use hands to show narrow)
And I said Hermie, What happened?
I ate my breakfast.

Repeat for lunch, dinner and dessert, making Hermie bigger each time. 

Last Verse: Repeat lines till you get to ‘And he was this big (show hands narrow again) “Hermie, what Happened?”
I burped…..BURP!!!!

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