Monday, March 16, 2015

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

This week we played a name recognition and counting game during circle time. Children were asked to pull pretend cookies that had their names on them out of a jar. Then they were asked to decorate three cookies with three chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. 

Here are some friends using their fingers and popsicle sticks to form letters, shapes and designs.

Who has got the rhythm?
We used rhythm sticks on boxes, tables and containers to make loud, soft and medium sounds. We practiced using one stick and then two sticks at a time. 

Rubber duck math:
We are learning how to recognize written numerals when counting a collection of items. The rubber ducks have the numbers 1-10 written on the bottom that match a corresponding card with the written numeral and number of items. 

Color egg hunt:
The toddlers love using the eggs to find treasure and create their own matching game. This activity was open ended and great for those who wanted to practice counting, color patterns, matching, grouping by type.

Just hanging around:
We loved hanging out in the hammocks and singing songs to our friends as we helped rock them back and forth! 

Here we are reading and telling stories to one another. We really enjoyed the flap books and the pop up stories! 

We loved using the funnels, containers and scoops in the water table. We used the words empty, half, full, and over flow. 

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