Thursday, April 2, 2015


The children in my class have developed very sweet friendships.  They love to sit by their friends, join them in imaginary play, read stories together and team up to create new ways to use our toys.

How many children can fit on the upper deck of the climbing structure?  In the early Fall, that number would be two or three, but in the Spring, eight would be the correct answer.  The children made room for the whole class to join together, looking out for 'BAD GUYS" and postulating ways to get rid of them.  

Little People

I painted peg dolls and provided scraps of felt and little jewels for the class to explore.  These dolls went camping and used the felt as sleeping bags, they went on journeys using the same felt as colorful sidewalks and they went for rides in our vehicles to follow a rainbow.  

Car Repair

Every year about this time, the children in my class use the Cozy Coupe cars in different ways.  Though they still love to race through the Courtyard in them,  they also like to turn them on their sides to fix flat tires or tune up engines.  

Blocks and Ramps

The children's construction skills and eye for design continue to blossom.

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