Monday, May 25, 2015

Beautiful Butterflies

This week we wrapped up our lesson on symmetry. We created our very own butterfly wings by completing a step-by-step activity. This activity was about following directions, folding, using the words "whole" and "half," color recognition, and symmetry.

This week we also released our five butterflies! The toddlers were extremely eager as well as patient as we opened the net and watched them, one by one, find a new home outside their original habitat. We talked about where we thought the butterflies might fly to. These are some of the answers we came up with:
1) the beach
2) my house
3) outer space
5) Hawaii
6) airport

Hot potato!

Outside we had potato heads available. This fine motor activity helped inspire some creative looking characters.


Cloud dough

Inside this week we had the opportunity to explore and experiment with the wonderful and messy cloud dough! We loved scooping, filling containers, making castles and even smelling the dough.


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