Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Creative Fun

Potato Head Fun

The children were so creative with the Potato Head accessories. I saw a head with 5 arms, one with many pairs of eyes, and one with ears where eyes should be. Crazy fun!


Lights, Camera, Action!

The Light table continues to draw our attention. I added specimen containers filled with brightly colored water beads for exploration. The children compared them by size and shape, rolled and bounced them on the surface of the table, and squeezed them until they popped.



The children have mastered walking over our balance beam, tree stumps, and stepping stones. Now, they enjoy creating new ways to position these materials to challenge their balance and bravery.


The Water Table

Turkey basters + funnels + flexible tubes + water = play with a purpose!


Classroom Activities

Bingo markers were popular with the students last week. They made happy designs and relished the 'splash' marks created by pressing really hard with the markers.


Train play...

Need I say more? This popular activity includes lots of social dialogue, turn taking, design, and construction practice.

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