Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lego Play

We have a ton of Legos and the children loved constructing buildings and vehicles. They were very proud of their designs and were anxious to show them to their parents. Our classroom was covered from end to end with Lego bricks, people, wheels and thousands of tiny pieces, reminding me of the 'Lego Mania' my own family experienced years ago.

Cloud Dough Take 3

The children dove into cloud dough play with enthusiasm. They (and the room) were covered with a fine dust from this popular sensory material.

Alphabet Bingo

Mrs. Ronda played Alphabet Bingo with the students. Many children recognize each letter and all of the children can match the letters, anticipating the magical moment when someone yells, BINGO!

Outside Play 

We had a mix of energy levels in the Courtyard last week. One group of children pretended they were watching television. There was no remote control to change channels, so they used the latch on the screen door as the channel changer. 

Bike riding was the high energy play.  The children are adept at peddling fast and continued until they were breathless.

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