Monday, May 18, 2015

Playing and Learning Together

Last week we focused on the letter c, symmetry, and cooperative play.

Monkeying around!

Here are some friends hanging monkeys from a drying rack. This activity used fine motor skills to count and create patterns, and used new vocabulary words such as "chain" and "link."  

The letter C 

C is for "cloud..." We read Eric Carle's Little Cloud story and talked about shapes, designs, and other "c" sounds. Here are the toddlers creating their very own clouds with glue and shaving cream:

Cooperative play

This week I heard a great deal of friends playing a "help and rescue" type of game. One person would get "stuck" on their imaginary boat or truck and someone else would have to help them get out. The toddlers used chairs, brooms, and shovels to help create this scenario. I was very proud of how they all thought outside the box! 

Here are a couple friends playing "basketball." This game encouraged a lot of language and communication between the players. They also demonstrated a great use of teamwork, taking turns, and patience.  


Since we received our caterpillars we have been talking about the butterfly life cycle: stages, metamorphosis, and symmetry. In the toddler room we are defining symmetry as: the same shape, same size, same color on both sides (in this case on both sides of our face). We will continue this discussion into next week as well. 


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