Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our Blog is Back!

We're Back!!!!

Keely Gregorio, our wonderful blog administrator for the last few years moved out of the area with her family. She passed the blog baton to Jennifer Snowe, who will finish out the year. I'm grateful to both of these women for their dedication to GHCC. Our blog has been an important tool for prospective families to see the children in action, both inside the classrooms and outside.

Sensory Tray Fun

The children practiced their writing skills at the sand tray. There was much discussion about sharing the space and sand, and most of the children were able to resolve the inevitable conflicts successfully.

Bubble Fun

The children loved our bubble blowing activity. I added sticky soap to a jar of water and the children used their straws to blow mountains of bubbles. 

All Aboard!

Usually our chairs are for sitting on, or occasionally standing on to add a block to a tall tower. Over the last few weeks, the children have used the chairs in a new way. They've laid them down in a row, creating a train, plane, spaceship, rocket, monster truck etc.  The creative play was contagious and everyone hopped aboard! 

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