Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Courtyard Play

Thank you for showering me with a garden full of flowers and such thoughtful gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week. I treasure each card, piece of artwork from the children, yummy treat, and the many wonderful gifts given to me each day. Grandmother's House families have shown their generosity once again!

It's Raining Rice!

The children loved the colored rice in the sensory tray outside. They scooped it with their fingers, watched it cascade from outstretched hands, and filled our new pots and pans and teapots with it. They compared the weight of an empty vessel with one that is full and pretended to prepare many dishes for their classmates.


Mobilos in the Courtyard

Last week was the first time that we had our Mobilo construction available outside. Because many of the children were more interested in the other Courtyard offerings, a few students were able to monopolize the Mobilo pieces to construct intricate designs. Sometimes you just need all (or most) of the material to satisfy the need to do BIG WORK!


Outside Action

I downloaded my pictures and discovered that I did not take one single picture of our classroom activities. The children kept me on my toes last week, so classroom management took priority over documenting our activities. are a few shots of the children in action! 


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