Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The children have learned many 'fun facts' about bees during our unit study.  They examined a honeycomb using a magnifying glass, collected pollen with finger puppets, built bee colored patterns with the unifix cubes and painted a classroom bee hive.  
The Writing Table was buzzing with activity.  The children enjoy using the vibrant markers on paper or making chalk drawings on chalk boards.  I added shape templates at the table and observed the students tracing and re-tracing squares, circles, triangles and rectangles.  
Block building in the Courtyard was very popular.  Mrs. Ronda added wild animals to the block building area and the children relished the opportunity to display their knowledge of animal traits.  There was a cacophony of roars, snarls, trumpets and growls. 
Shaving cream finger painting is a multi-sensory preschool activity.  Some students concentrated on making swirls and lines on the table, while others rubbed the shaving cream on their arms, even up to their armpits!  We had our second BIG MESS in the classroom after this activity.  The first BIG MESS was cloud dough everywhere, but the second one was a doozy.  I had a bucket of water for the children to rinse their shaving cream covered hands in....alas, the bucket tipped over and we had a river of creamy water everywhere!  The children were wide eyed at this event and all now understand my expression, WOE NELLY!

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