Monday, September 21, 2015

Gentle Hands

We had a fantastic week! The children are getting used to the routine and have begun singing our clean up, line up, and good morning song together during transitions. It has been delightful watching everyone become more confident, relaxed and eager to learn more concepts over this week. 

This week we focused on using gentle hands. We talked about what gentle hands feel and look like on our bodies, friends bodies and materials at school. We also modeled this with our favorite puppet, Lily. 

Inside the classroom we also worked hard at some fine motor skill activities. We filled our containers with straws and practiced using medicine droppers with water. In addition, we learned how to peel stickers and stick them to paper. Some children enjoyed the repetition of folding the paper, peeling the sticker and putting it onto construction paper, others followed an outline of a circle and created a unique design. 

Outside we had an opportunity to build, stack, count and create patterns with our pegs and boards.

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